June Dinner & General Membership Meeting

The Junior League of Long Island held the annual June Dinner and General Membership Meeting on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at the Harbor Links Golf Course in Port Washington.  Nearly 70 members and guests attended this special evening to recognize their peers for an outstanding year of volunteering with JLLI! 

Congratulations to this year’s award recipients:
Sustainer Award: Diana O’Neill (not in attendance)
Five & Ten Year Active Pins: Deidre Delay (5 years)
Community Award: Debbie & Ron Colnick of Marisa Bridal (not in attendance)
Golden Hanger Award: Jennifer Grasso. Meredith Nies and Cindy Dwyer were recognized as the 1st and 2nd runner ups.
Ibby Byrnes Founders Award: Nadine Agosta (not in attendance)
Daisy Award: Graciela Hall
Certificates of Appreciation: Morgan Rooney, Joan Yonke, Janet Closs, Deirdre Barr, Erica Rice
First Year Active Award: Ashley Cohen (not in attendance)
Volunteer of the Year Award: Carol St. Jacques
JLLI also congratulates its newest active members: Elena Litescu, Margo E. Frommer-Bayroff, Ciara Larkin, Marianna Dayre, Susan Diminich Ellis, Feiona Churaman, Laura Glass, Emilie Doleshel, Kari Epstein and Juliet Tengalia. The 2018-2019 provisional classes put forth a tremendous amount of work to pull off two successful projects this year: Literacy Fair in the Fall and the first ever Beautiful Me two-day event in the Spring.
The League is so grateful for the outgoing 2018-2019 Board of Directors for a very successful year. Thank you for your service and leadership!  2018-2019 Board of Directors: Tracy Pfaff Smith, President, Christina Ho, President-Elect, Loretta Hahn, Finance Director, Deidre Delay, Nominating & Placement Director, Donna Fiore, Communications Director, Stephanie Kearns, Membership Activities Director, Cindy Dwyer, Projects & Research Director, Jamie Ruiz, Treasurer, Michele Stollsteimer & Grace Mahler, Sustaining Co-Directors.
The League is thrilled to present the 2019-2020 Board of Directors: Christina Ho, President, Stephanie Kearns, President-Elect, Cristine Bruno, Finance Director, Carol St. Jacques, Membership Activities Director, Cindy Dwyer, Projects & Research Director, Donna Fiore, Nominating & Placement Director, Michele Stollsteimer & Joel Blainey, Sustaining Co-Directors.