Become a Member

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The following are criteria for membership:


  1. Prospective members may qualify for membership after their 21st birthday.
  2. Prospective members shall have resided on Long Island at some point within the last 5 years prior to the date of their proposal as members.
  3. Interest in voluntarism.
  4. Commitment to community service.
  5. Interest in developing their potential for voluntary community participation.
  6. No other criteria will be used.


  1. Any woman who meets the criteria for membership may be proposed by an Active or Sustaining member or self-submit on an application provided for the purpose.
  2. The Membership/Development Committee will advise the prospective member of the purpose of the Junior League of Long Island and the requirements for membership. There shall be no deliberative process in the admissions system. All prospective members shall be informed of their prospective membership.
  3. An application form will be provided which includes only information based on the admissions criteria for this League.


Prospective members who have demonstrated through their Provisional membership a desire to train for a volunteer role in the community and have time and interest to carry out personally the purpose of the Junior League shall be elected to Active membership by the Board of Directors on the recommendation of the Membership/Development Committee.