Community Service Fund

Every year The Junior League of Long Island sets aside monies from our fundraising efforts to give back to local non-profits on Long Island.  Each applicant has a specific application to fill out and our Board of Directors review, vote and proceed with giving our donations to amazing organizations!

Qualifications for Applicants

1. The applicant must be a Long Island-based not-for-profit organization whose primary beneficiaries are residents of the Long Island community.

2. Only community service program activities will be funded.

3. Since the Junior League of Long Island (JLLI) is not a foundation, the applicant must have had JLLI involvement in at least one of the following ways:
a. The JLLI had specific involvement in the applying organization’s origins, either through coalition, joint endeavors or through the organization’s programs/projects.
b. The JLLI has or has had JLLI volunteers involved in the applicant’s programs/projects.
c. The applicant’s organization presently has a JLLI appointed volunteer sitting on its Board as a representative of the League.

This year for 2015 we gave out (5) grants to the following:

Port Washington Parent Resource Center 

The grant funded the cost of 12 scholarships for Outreach children to take general PRC classes.  These children will have the choice of taking many different types of classes with their scholarships such as: Run Jump & Kick, Inventors, Music Time, Play Preschool, Kid Stations, Rock & Rollers, Mothers of Infants, Balancing & Bouncing, Toddler Dance, Messy Arts, Little Picassos, Tumbling Tots, Songs Say So Much, Copy Cats, Cooking & Experiments with Gadgets, Teddy Tennis, Multi Sports, Preschool Prep – Not Yet Ready to Separate and Music for Aardvarks. The grant would include program supplies such as art supplies, and gym equipment.

Family Service League 
The grant funded the FSL’s Camp Program, a program that matches youth, primarily disadvantaged at-risk children from all parts of Suffolk County, with day and sleep away camps. Through this program, children aged 4 to 16, leave their home environments for a short time and experience the excitement, activities and comradeship of summer camp. This is especially significant for disadvantaged youth-these children are given a respite from the deprivations and tension of daily living and are provided a safe haven where they can be kids.
Hagedorn Little Village School
Funds were awarded to support the children’s “on site field trips”.  HLV teachers / therapist / administration all work together in lesson planning and giving their children a well rounded educational and therapeutic experience. Their summer program will be called “A Summer of Storytelling”. In staying with that theme, bringing in “on site” events that will both educate and engage the children would offer them the same experience typical children experience.

HLVS is hiring both Erik ‘s Reptile Edventures (Mobile LIVE ANIMAL SHOW’s with a purpose) and David Engle -The Uncommon Acts of David Engle- Pirate Show.

Maurer Foundation

The Maurer Foundation is one of few programs nationwide to teach the MammaCare® method for manual breast self exam {BSE). This method, a highly effective form of early detection was funded by the National Cancer Institute to determine and standardize the most effective method of breast self exam. During this activity, students learn how to perform an effective BSE as a certified instructor demonstrates all the steps. Students then have the opportunity to reinforce what they have learned by practicing lump detection on high fidelity silicone breast models. This method of BSE demonstrates how the center three fingers have memory receptors that “learn” the pattern of one’s breast tissue; these fingers are used to feel, remember and identify any potential changes in breast tissue. This palpable or tactile memory needs to be built up over time through repetition to develop the ability to notice changes in the breast tissue {Mayo Clinic, 2011). The breast models used in the training are an essential component of the program to teach this tactile approach. Practicing lump detection further builds students’ confidence and completes their overall learning experience. With thousands of students handling the breast models every year, there is a need to consistently replace those that sustain extensive damage. At this time they were looking to replace 100 breast models. The rewarded funds will be put toward that purpose.

Society of St Vincent de Paul
SVDPI was awarded a grant to support the “Sweet Dreams Bed Program”, a program that provides nearly 600 new, clean beds, cribs and bunk beds annually to infants, children, and families across Nassau and Suffolk County. Sweet Dreams launched in 1995 in response to requests from Vincentian volunteers who recognized during home visits that families were in need of more than food or utility assistance. SVDPI does not accept donated mattresses, thus we decided to begin Sweet Dreams Bed Program to provide new, clean beds and cribs to people without adequate sleeping provisons or the resources to acquire them.