Community Service Fund

Every year The Junior League of Long Island sets aside monies from our fundraising efforts to give back to local non-profits on Long Island.  Each applicant has a specific application to fill out and our Board of Directors review, vote and proceed with giving our donations to amazing organizations!

To apply, please review and submit the 2023 Community Service Fund Guidelines and Application.

Qualifications for Applicants

1. The applicant must be a Long Island-based not-for-profit organization whose primary beneficiaries are residents of the Long Island community.

2. Only community service program activities will be funded.

3. Since the Junior League of Long Island (JLLI) is not a foundation, the applicant must have had JLLI involvement in at least one of the following ways:
a. The JLLI had specific involvement in the applying organization’s origins, either through coalition, joint endeavors or through the organization’s programs/projects.
b. The JLLI has or has had JLLI volunteers involved in the applicant’s programs/projects.
c. The applicant’s organization presently has a JLLI appointed volunteer sitting on its Board as a representative of the League.

Previous recipients have been –

Belmont Child Care Association  ( )

The award is funding the Children’s Movement Program, which will teach the children of Anna House to lead a healthy and active lifestyle and will set the foundation for them to develop into healthy adults. The program plans to bring in instructors from Jumpbunch and PlayHooray to lead classes that use fun, carefully structured, age-appropriate activities to help improve each child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

The award is funding a leadership program within their existing Chance to Advance program for youths in foster care. The program will help these youths develop, practice, and perfect leadership skills, while simultaneously allowing the development of social, communication, and problem solving skills. At the completion of the program the youths will have contributed to their local community in a way they see fit.

Family and Children’s Association ( )

The award is funding a new program, called Puentes (bridges in Spanish), which is building upon the co-operative nursery program that was established by the Junior League of Long Island nearly 30 years ago. Puentes will combine the Association’s existing child care offerings with treatment services, including counseling and parenting skills training, to address problems with anxiety, depression, or drug and alcohol abuse for young families.

The Safe Center LI ( )

The award is funding the Annual Youth Retreat, an event held each year for survivors of child abuse who are receiving services through The Safe Center LI. The event provides a series of workshops and activities that allow these children an opportunity to grow by making friends and learning skills that will help them to increase their confidence and self worth. Goody bags, including photo albums and school and personal care supplies will help them continue to be inspired, as well as practice new skills and self-care.