Member Commitments

A member in good standing is one who is committed to the purpose of the Junior League and who demonstrates that commitment through quality volunteer service and adherence to the rules adopted by the Junior League of Long Island. Each Active member must:

  1. Do acceptable placement work on one Administrative Committee or one League project.
  • Community placements are encouraged but will not be accepted in lieu of a member’s required League placement.
  • Actives may serve a maximum of two years on an Administrative Committee unless asked to chair it for the third year.
  • Committee Chairs will be responsible for notifying the Placement Committee on a timely basis of any member whose performance is deemed unacceptable. The Placement Advisor, in conjunction with the Chairs, will attempt to facilitate maximum volunteer effort. Failure to attain the goal of complete cooperation will result in probation. Probationary status will be issued only once.
  1. Pay annual dues of $130.00 by April 15th. Members whose dues have not been received by that date will be dropped from membership (see Bylaws, Article V, Section 1(b).
  2. Support the Thrift Shop by donating at least $250.00 in merchandise to the Thrift Shop by    April 15.
  3. Attend five monthly membership meetings. It is the responsibility of the member to sign the attendance sheet.
  4. There is an expectation that in addition to annual dues, members shall support JLLI fundraising through the purchase of tickets to League sponsored events or by donating new goods/or services (such as raffle items) as necessary.
  5. Sign-up and attend at least two League projects. In addition, in order to enhance her league experience, each active member should:
  • Be apprised of the workings of the League and the responsibilities of membership. To enable members to have appropriate and current information, the League provides monthly membership meetings, a Placement Advisor for each member, publications of its monthly newsletter, Shorelines, and a Handbook which is updated annually.
    • Each member must have an interview with her Placement Advisor.
    • Each member must attend the Placement Fair.
  • Attend one training session, which may be fulfilled in one of the following ways:
    • Attendance at any seminar offered by Education/Training.
    • Attendance at any Provisional Training lecture.
    • Attendance at an outside course, pre-approved by Education/Training.
    • Attendance of Leadership Training.
    • Attendance at membership meetings that offer training.


Members who are First Year Actives are to fulfill all Active membership requirements. They must attend two League Projects. Within the first three years of Active service, they must be a Committee member of a minimum of one League Project. First Year Actives are ineligible for any discretionary leaves of absence with the exception of an emergency leave.


Each Provisional member of the Junior League of Long Island is required to complete the following requirements:

    1. “Super Saturday” Provisional Training Course (Provisionals must attend one Board meeting and one Finance Council Meeting if they are unable to attend Super Saturday.)
    2. Five (of 6) scheduled Provisional training courses/meetings, including 1 Thrift Shop meeting.
    3. Two (of 10) regular monthly membership meetings.
    4. Placement Fair – May membership meeting.
    1. Complete the Provisional Project.
    2. Complete one League project.
    1. JLLI annual dues of $150 (including a training fee).
    2. Donate $100 in clothing or household items to the JLLI Thrift Shop

There is also an expectation that, in addition to annual dues, Provisional members shall support JLLI fundraising through the purchase of tickets to League sponsored events and/or by donating new goods or services (such as raffle items) as necessary.