2022 – 2023 Board of Directors

The Junior League of Long Island is overseen and managed by our trained volunteers who hold positions on our Board of Directors.


President: Cristine Bruno

I am truly humbled to be serving as President for the 2022-2023 year. It is my hope this year as the pandemic is waning that we can get back in person in our community and be hands on. Additionally, I am hoping we can gain a larger community presence and gain a greater sense of camaraderie within our organization.

President-Elect: Remi Farnan

My favorite JLLI project is Thanksgiving Baskets. Not only is it an amazing experience bringing not only members and their families together to work on creating thanksgiving meals kids it also allows us to combat food scarcity across our Long Island Communities. I’m looking forward to reaching out to even more families this year as we work to complete even more baskets through the ongoing growth and support of the community and our members!

Finance Director: Feiona Churaman

I am hoping to support more conversations and forums on women empowerment and psychological safety with regards to management and financial literacy.

Nominating & Placement Director: Melissa Beyer

My favorite JLLI project was organizing Kids in the Kitchen [KITK] in my Provisional year which was eight years ago. KITK was the first large-scale community impact project I had the opportunity to Lead with 7 JLLI Provisional Members, it was held at the Boys and Girls Club of Long Island. Membership Development Co-Chairs Lisa Johnson and Vicki Creteur navigated us through this project, where I learned how to fundraise and coordinate an event with 100 plus children across Long Island, sharing healthy activities. JLLI continued the relationship with the Boy and Girls Club of Long Island, which led to another KITK event and a Project Playground. I was fortunate to share this experience with these talented, supportive, intelligent women, that I still consider to be my friends. As we start our 2022/2023 League year, I will have the privilege to serve with 2 of them on this year’s Board, Cristine Bruno and Loretta Hahn! JLLI helped me grow in so many ways, and I look forward to seeing what we do this year and in the future!

Membership Activities & Training Director:

Carol Rodriguez

My all-time favorite Junior League Project is Positively Me. Positively Me is a project that originated in one of our sister leagues. When I read about the project I fell in love and thought it would be an amazing opportunity to bring it to our league. With some modifications in the model and population being served, it turned into a project that I am so very proud of. Focusing on the mental health and well-being of young girls that are in their early teen years. This time is such a pivotal time where they are discovering who they are and begin to develop their true sense a self. By offering them simple tools and advice on how to navigate these times, we can ensure that they are one step closer to growing into strong, independent women.

Projects & Research Director: Joan Yonke

I am honored to hold the position as Director of Projects & Research for the Junior League of Long Island. I look forward to working with the Chairs for our Done in a Day, Project Playground, and Public Issues committees and overseeing our league’s charitable work. Having a role on the board grants me the opportunity to learn the roles and responsibilities as a Board member for my own personal development but also allows me to support and help other women develop their own potential. I am proud of the work the Junior League has done to improve our Long Island Community and hope that I can use my skills and relationships to deepen the impact we have as an organization.

Communications Director: Loretta Hahn

One of my favorite projects was Kids in the Kitchen which was my Provisional Project. Watching the joy on the children’s faces as they learned about healthy foods while having fun playing sports and games made all of the hard work worthwhile. Having now been an active member for 8 years with this being my 6th year on the Board of Directors I am honored to serve among so many incredible women who share similar goals and values to help our community.

Member-At-Large: Meredith Nies

One of my favorite JLLI projects was First Step during my provisional year. It was truly enlightening getting to help so many women realize their potential and encouraging them to pursue their goals. I’m excited to serve on the board this year to continue that mission, both for the community and our members

Sustaining Directors:

Deidra Maleno

My favorite JLLI project was Caring Kids. It was a bully prevention project that we brought into kindergarten age kids. As volunteers, we would go into schools on arranged dates. We would have a big puppet on our laps and read a book to the kindergarten class; the book was called “We are all different, we are all the same. “
I enjoyed sharing this program with impressionable minds to help with bullying which affects so many children.
Some of my other favorites were Touch a Truck, Kids in the kitchen and Project Playground.

Laura Petras

My favorite JLLI project has always been Prom Boutique.  My first year in the league, I arrived with my sewing machine in tow, ready to hem and tailor the dresses.  While the girls looked for accessories, I got to work!  It’s amazing how just a little bit of time can turn a dress into a dream gown.  The genuine hugs of gratitude I received from the recipients will always stay with me, so I dragged that machine to many more Prom Boutiques!